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Jewel Potter

Favorite color: Yellow 💛

Favorite book or movie: I love poetry and classic novels like Crime & Punishment by Dostoyevsky

Favorite food: Pierogi (an eastern European dumpling that the Polish-Ukrainian side of my family makes for holidays and special occasions)

Why you like working at Article: I love Article because of how it aligns with my values of sustainability and community! I love working with our amazing team, the best bosses ever, and our incredible community of shoppers and consignors 💕


Sarina Stanich

favorite color: green
favorite book or movie:
“What We Do in the Shadows”4.
favorite food:
My favorite food is pho
why you like working at Article:
I love Article because of how sunny the atmosphere is! Before I worked here and was just a customer, I was always so impressed with how lovely everyone is.


Angel Ketphanh

favorite color: Red
favorite book or movie:
I’ve always loved the Twilight series. Love the books more than the movies.
favorite food:
why you like working at Article:
I love Article because I grew up here in Sacramento. I started when I was 15 yrs old and was welcomed with open arms. Abe, Val, and their girls are some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet, they’re patient and always want you to do better and because of that I've had really great colleagues over the years. I appreciate everyone I have met over the years, they’re all AMAZING people. I look back and see how I’ve grown so much. When I first started, I was very quiet and always stayed out of the way but now I’m very much the opposite. I love interacting with customers and anyone who comes in, it gives me a chance to see the world a little bit differently every day. Working here at Article has given me a 2nd family I never knew that I needed.


Laura Walcott

favorite color: Favorite color is PINK, in every shade!
favorite book or movie:
Love all books, but especially anything by Kelly Corrigan (who happens to be from the Bay Area, where I was born and raised)
favorite food:
Favorite food is Thai

why you like working at Article: There are so many reasons to love Article, but my favorite is that after working in Corporate America for over 20 yrs, it is such a delight to be surrounded by good people who love Fashion as much as I do.  Abe and Val are so genuine and are very good people who appreciate hard work, enthusiasm, and committment from their staff.  It's so refreshing to work for people who appreciate all of these qualities.  Last, but certainly not least, the clients who shop Article are nothing short of FANTASTIC in every way.  It is so rewarding to work with customers who are friendly, open-minded and appreciate good quality, and luxury merchandise at a great value!


Francine Atlee

Francine Bianchini Atlee

Favorite Color:  when I was a little girl I loved purple and blue.  Now that I’m a big girl,  I would say yellow and blue...especially the combo. I do love orange though too.

Favorite Book/Movie:
  “ToKill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee and “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. I thought in both of these books the movie adaptations were also EXCELLENT!  As far current books I would say “The Nightingale” by Kristen Hannah and “Next Year in Havana” by Chanel Cleeton.

My favorite food:
 ALL OF IT, but if I have to narrow it down, it is Italian.

Why I love Article:  because it’s like going to a party every day!  I LOVE the people...and Val and Abe aren’t half bad either 😉.  Article is truly a special boutique and I can tell our customers get that, which makes it easy to engage them in conversation.  Again, working at Article, is like going to one big party 😃


Mary Elizabeth Pasillas

favorite color: PINK
favorite book or movie:
Ben Shapiro
favorite food:
Cheese PB&J sandwich

why you like working at Article: The Customers!


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