About Us

On December 1, 2009, Article Consignment Boutique opened its doors. Owned and operated by Abraham and Valerie Sanchez and their two daughters, this family business has grown tremendously over the years and has become a staple for people to shop and consign in the East Sacramento area. The Article team has also grown to include a group of ladies who are well-rounded, driven, and fabulous. From window-to-wall displays, social media posts, styled mannequins and more, the Article team implements each of their unique skills and knowledge of fashion, style, merchandising and design in order to bring forth new ideas for the constant betterment to the Article way. We strive to give the best service and experience possible to our customers and consignors alike. We work very hard to listen to feedback and are always aiming to do our best.
 We are so grateful, proud and blessed to be apart of this wonderful Sacramento community.  
Thank you all for your constant support and business!