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Sacramento Non-profits – here’s one of our favorites:

Sacramento Non-profits – here’s one of our favorites:

Since Article Consignment Boutique first opened the doors 11 years ago, community involvement has been part of our structure. From small school silent auction requests to huge cancer foundation galas we’ve participated whenever we can. We’ve hosted fundraisers in our boutique, participated in pop-ups, and donated purses with gift certificates on more occasions than we can count. 2020 didn’t afford the events (or the finances) to give nearly as much as years prior but since it’s been weighing heavy on my heart I’m making a goal to get my philanthropy back into gear this year!

One of my favorite local non-profits is the Fly Brave Foundation. Fly Brave began the same way many non-profits begin: with a mother who saw a need and decided to make a difference. You see, Fly Brave assists young adults with autism. Children and teens have resources, programs, and job training but as they get older, 22 to be exact, they age out of most available programs.

Fly Brave began with group jewelry-making sessions and yard work. These gave the members a task to do, time to socialize, and a sense of purpose again. In fact, I still remember when Vanessa, the founder of Fly Brave, approached Article to ask if we’d be willing to sell some of the first bracelets made. We said “sure” and she was so excited she almost cried. We later learned that she had been to numerous boutiques before Article only to hear “no” from everyone else. The jewelry-makers are absolutely thrilled to see their pieces for sale in a boutique.

Throughout the past several years we’ve had the pleasure of working with Fly Brave as they’ve grown. Our customers have supported them by purchasing their pieces and donating jewelry-making supplies. (Have I mentioned that we have the best customers EVER?!) Our boutique has carried their jewelry and t-shirts, we’ve sponsored prom attendees, and we’re currently ramping up to consult for their thrift store that will function as a job-training facility.

With each endeavor, we gain more than we give. Vanessa and John’s smiles and energy are contagious and we feel more accomplished than ever just talking with them. We enjoy hearing about the growth of their organization and the donations and sponsorships they’ve received. We’re looking forward to watching them grow even more but what we’re really looking forward to are their hugs. Soon, very soon.


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