Meet Our Team

Article would not be what it is without the machine of the company and that is... our amazing team! 

Abraham and Valerie Sanchez

Our fearless owners- the innovators, logistics and beauty of the operation. With the help of their adorable, loving daughters, Julianne and Faith. Leaving the corporate and construction worlds to follow their passions in 2009, Abe and Val combined years of experience in many industries to create a recipe for success with Article. Creating and running this great business has been a journey full of ups and downs, but the constant devotion and determination has brought Article to where it is now. The ever-changing economy and consumer society will always keep businesses on their toes, but the foundation that Article Consignment Boutique was built upon, is one that will stand the test of time. 

+ Jules and Faith :) 



Taylor Tobisch

The talented Taylor is the veteran Article team member, and the keen eyes behind all our of Social Media and Marketing. She has her Associates Degree in Business Managment and is the lead buyer for our consignment inventory. She is involved in just about everything else that goes on at the shop, making sure it all runs smoothly and efficiently. She is not only super stylish, but has a knack for everything visual- from window displays to Instagram photos, she makes sure it is nothing less than perfection. Taylor is an undeniable asset to our team and we will forever be grateful for her dedication and hard-work.



Chelsea Carlson

 Chelsea is the brains and WO-man power behind the leg-work of Article. She received her B.A. from Berklee College of Music and has extensive experience in Retail & Management. Chelsea handles most of the research, authenticating and pricing of the inventory that comes through our door. It is certainly no easy task, but she makes it look like a walk in the park. She is ambitious and strives to make Article even better than it is. Even while being behind-the-scenes most days, she is nevertheless the veins that run through the heart of our store.



Mary Pasillas

The vivacious, sparkling gem of our team is Mary! Literally! She is our gem and jewelry expert with years and years of experience. She is a bright and positive energy who always brings joy and fun to the store! Although she only works a few days a week, she is our wonder woman and we are so lucky to have her apart of Team Article!




Jewel is our newest team member and she is the bright, friendly, face you will see a lot on the sales floor helping out customers! We are so happy to have her on our team!


+ Our fab interns!

Article interns are the busy little bees working to keep Article looking amazing and making sure everything is in order! Although they are helping out part-time while in school, we appreciate all they do and are great additions to the Article team! Through the years Article has hosted interns from Sac State, IADT, The Met Sacramento, Sac City and more. We are passionate about providing a learning environment where students can gain real work experience to assist their future.


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